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Republic Sovereignty is a fun and popular Galactic Conquest scenario. In this scenario, you take control of the Grand Army of the Republic after near defeat in the Clone Wars. You begin with just three planets under your control: Coruscant: Jedi Temple, Naboo: Theed, and Kamino: Cloning Facility You can build your starting fleet at any of these planets and commence conquest from there. This strategy guide is to assist you in doing so, if you choose to begin on Kamino.

Beginning Decisions[]

When you start the scenario you will have 1000 credits at your disposal, you will obtain more credits at the end of every battle. You can spend these credits on bonuses and troop classes. The first step of this strategy is deciding whether of not you are dependant on bonuses. If you have a fairly new profile and don't have any permanent award weapons,you probably are dependant on bonuses. If you have been playing long enough to have 3 or more award weapons at Legendary status bonuses are fun but unnecessary. If you are dependant on bonuses change to the bonus tab and purchase the following bonuses: Garrison for 200 credits, Bacta Tanks for 400 credits, Auto-Turrets for 400 credits. If you are not dependant on bonuses go to the recruiting tab and train Clone Engineers for 1000 credits. After this build your fleet on Kamino for 0 credits, then move directly down from your position to Tatooine and attack. If you have bonuses use garrison or wing it with skip because despite its confusing nature, Mos Eisley is an easy map after the battle wait for your enemy to attack. Most likely, they will attack Tatooine from Geonosis defend it. If you use bonuses and used Garrison to take the planet, use bacta tanks, if you didn't use Garrison, use it now or wing it again. If you lost the battle when you attacked Tatooine, they will attack Kamino, use Bacta Tanks.