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1-Flag Capture the Flag is a game mode in Pandemic's Star Wars: Battlefront II.


In 1-Flag Capture the Flag, there is a single neutral flag located in the middle of the map. To score a point, one team must pick up the flag and deliver it into their team's capture zone which is located near the enemy spawn. Any member of any team can pick up the flag, meaning that the player must make sure to protect the flag carrier in order to minimize the chances of the enemy seizing the flag. In 1-Flag Capture the Flag, a good offense is equally valuable to a good defense, while a good offense is good for delivering the flag to your capture zone, a good defense is also needed to prevent the enemy from doing the same.

1-Flag Capture the Flag matches tend to last for quite a long time since if both teams are able to maintain a stable defense, neither one may be able to score a point. Games online are often packed and extremely hard to win, so be ready when you sign on.

1-Flag CTF land

A Rebel Smuggler carrying the flag on Hoth.

Space 1-Flag CTF[]

Flag 2

The flag, in the space version of the mode.

1 flag space

A droid Tri-Fighter moving to claim the flag.

Each Space level also contains a "1-Flag CTF" mode. This is basically the same game as described above, except for the fact that all the fighting for the flag is done on spaceships. The flag is portrayed as a rectangular capsule, and you simply must fly through it to pick it up. The capture zone consists of a sphere of light over the enemy's ship. The flag carrier must fly through it to capture the flag.


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