2-Flag CTF is a game mode in the Battlefront series.

In 2-Flag Capture the Flag, each team has a flag in their base that the other team must try to capture. To score a point, one must break through the enemy's defenses, grab the enemy flag and deliver it to your team's capture zone. As with 1-Flag Capture the Flag, capturing the flag yields a point and the first team to reach the score limit wins.

Strategy is a major factor, as you you have to balance your team's resources between defending your own flag and attempting to capture the enemy's flag. Some good strategies include guarding your flag with mines or with a detpack.

  • Bothan Spies can not activate their cloaking devices while they have the flag, but they can do it while making their way to the flag.
  • Dark Troopers, Jet Troopers, and Heroes may not use their flight abilities while carrying the flag.
  • Droidekas must deploy from ball mode to pick up flags.
  • You may carry the flag in a vehicle, but you must exit it in order to pick up the flag.

2 flag ctf


Trivia Edit

  • The Droideka is arguably the best unit for defending the flag, but it becomes hard to stop the flag carrier if the enemy grabs the flag as the player cannot shoot while in ball mode, and deploying from ball mode takes a certain amount of time, which usually can be long enough for the enemy to be out of reach, or with nearby reinforcements.
  • Hero Capture the Flag, a game mode featured in Renegade Squadron and Elite Squadron, functions very similar to 2-Flag Capture the Flag, except it allows players to pick up the friendly flag and become a hero depending on the map.

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