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74-Z Speeder Bike/Original
Basic Info

Scout Vehicle


Galactic Empire
Galactic Republic
Rebel Alliance

Ship Details

1 Pilot

The 74-Z Speeder Bike is the Scout Vehicle used by the Galactic Empire, Galactic Republic, and the Rebel Alliance. It has a Blaster Cannon as a primary weapon, but has no secondary weapon. It handles in the same way as the BARC Speeder or the STAP, but is noticeably faster with a more powerful, slower firing gun. The 74-Z Speeder is not called this in the game itself. When the targeting reticule is placed over the speeder, it is simply called a "Speeder Bike". The 74-Z is replaced on Hoth by the Tauntaun, and on Naboo by the Kaadu.

Attacks (SWBFII)[]

Name Image Ammo
Laser Cannon Laser Cannon Infinite Shots

Attacks (SWBFI)[]

Name Image Ammo
Laser Cannon Laser Cannon Infinite Shots

Weak Point[]

The Pilot



  • Whilst the 74-Z is an Imperial speeder bike, it can also be used by Wookiees, Rebel Alliance, and in Star Wars Battlefront I by the Galactic Republic on Tatooine: Dune Sea. It can be used by any unit that manages to steal one from the enemy base.
  • Oddly enough, it is usually safer to just run over your opponents rather than shoot them in open maps such as the Dune Sea from Star Wars Battlefront I.
  • The 74-Z Speeder Bike has some sort of a glitch that allows it to crash into a vehicle and destroy it.
  • If you hit a infantry unit with a laser bolt on this speeder bike, it can be killed with one shot.
  • In Battlefront 1, the speeder bike is the fastest land vehicle available.
  • With the right speed and enough open area, you could "strafe" your speeder bike in Battlefront 1 as an effective way of running over people.
  • As the Separatist, Republic, and Imperial armies all have their own scout vehicles, the Rebels should also have their own, but do not, such as the V-25 Light Speeder which was cut during pre-production.
  • 74-Zs were first seen in Star Wars: Episode VI Return of the Jedi: they were used by Scout Troopers and stolen by Luke Skywalker and Leia Organa.
  • Running over a Hero with this Speeder Bike will instantly kill the Hero.
  • In the PC port of Star Wars Battlefront 1, the speeder's guns will overheat at a normal pace, while in the PS2 version, the cooldown time is so short that you can virtually fire for a very long time without overheating.