The A280-CFE is a primary weapon in DICE's Star Wars Battlefront II usable by the Specialist class.


The A280-CFE is essentially an accurized version of the A280 and A280C blasters that has been outfitted to work as a marksman's rifle. Following in the same vein as the EE-3 and EE-4 blasters from the first game, it has the ability to be modified to function in a burst-fire mode.

Being built around the chassis and frame of the A280C, the A280-CFE possesses a comparable damage profile, killing in around 4-8 shots depending on range and as such, with the modification, it requires between two to three full bursts to connect in order to score a kill, depending on range and the target's class, and is capable of firing off a total of five bursts before overheating (with the 3-round burst modification active).

Compared to the other sniper rifles, the A280-CFE provides faster follow-up shots and a greater cooling power at the cost of having less lethality for each individual shot. This makes it a somewhat more spammy weapon than some of the other alternative blasters since it requires more shots to kill but the A280-CFE's greater-than-average rate of fire makes it more capable at closer ranges compared to its competitors. This makes it a better weapon to carry in hostile environments and in situations where the player is at a greater risk of running into a close-range gunfight, a situation the A280-CFE is more capable of handling than its alternatives, thanks to its decent hipfire spread and faster fire rate.

Dual Zoom
Allows A280-CFE to toggle between two magnification levels
Burst Mode
Allows A280-CFE to fire three-round bursts
Ion Shot
Ion shot that does increased damage to vehicles and shields, but does decreased damage against infantry
Damage 33-25
Overheat 15 shots (0.066 heat per shot)
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