The A4 Juggernaut being attacked by droids

The A4 Juggernaut is a Republic Vehicle which is an objective point in Star Wars Battlefront II on the planet Kashyyyk.

As a Vehicle

The A4 Juggernaut (also know as the clone turbo tank) is a 5 wheeled, portable base which can hold up to 300 clones and has over 10 guns.

As an ObjectiveEdit

In Battlefront II on Kashyyyk in Galactic Assault, if the MTT succeeds in its job to reach the end of its track, you must defend or destroy the inside of the Juggernaut on the East and West Side of the beach. If this objective succeeds then you win the game. If it is failed then you are forced to defend fuel generators inside a Republic Cruiser or destroy them.

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