AI Difficulty is an option in Star Wars: Battlefront and Star Wars: Battlefront II. It enables the player to change the difficulty of the general AI. In Battlefront, the difficulties are easy, medium, and hard. In Battlefront II, the two difficulties are normal and elite. Players can change the AI difficulty in the settings and when they are creating a new profile. They can also change it when starting a new match.




Easy is, of course, the easiest AI difficulty whether friendly, enemy, or neutral. The AI bots' competence is very low, and battles are fairly easy to win, despite when the maps favor sides. It is the only time Easy has ever been in the Battlefront franchise.


Medium is the second hardest level of AI difficulty. Medium is the most used difficulty for this game, and is also the default. This level of difficulty is certainly a challenge (but a fun one, of course), and if you are not the side the map favors (luckily only a few of the Battlefront maps actually favor sides, the most biased is the Geonosis map) you are most likely going to lose.


This is the hardest level of difficulty. Except for the most experienced and talented players, battles on hard are too difficult to win.

Battlefront IIEdit


Normal is the default difficulty for all AIs, whether they are friendly, enemy, or neutral. AIs on normal do not possess good skills, and are rather easy to defeat. This makes it easier for players who want to get better, as playing on normal can "train" them to get acquainted with Battlefront enemies.


Elite is the highest difficulty, after Normal. While they do not possess any differences that are very significant, they are not the same. With Elite, the AI is much more competitive than normal AIs, and the enemies are harder as well. Their accuracy is increased especially in sniper units who ratio of acquiring a headshot to missing is around 3 out of 5. They are not impossible to defeat, however, and it's still possible to live by snipers.

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