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"The All Terrain Recon Transport, predecessor of the AT-ST, provides excellent ground support against both hostile troops and vehicles."
— In-game description

The AT-RT, also known as All Terrain Recon Transport, is a playable ground vehicle in DICE's Star Wars Battlefront II for the Galactic Republic and Rebel Alliance. It is part of the Armor class, a class of ground vehicles of which the AT-ST is also a part, and costs 200 Battle Points to spawn.


"Though lightly armored, the AT-RT is extremely maneuverable and packs quite a punch, making it a perfect hit-and-run vehicle."
— Website description

The AT-RT is a small and nimble vehicle. Its fast speed allows the player to move around maps quickly and escape enemies more easily when needed. The AT-RT can hunt down infantry with ease, with its Motion Scan ability highlighting enemies both for itself and to any nearby allies. Direct hits with the AT-RT can dish out serious punishment, with each bolt doing 45 damage. The Ion Charge ability allows the AT-RT to hold its own against enemy vehicles as well, and its damage can be boosted significantly with the Improved Weapon Systems Star Card.

The one glaring flaw to this vehicle is the lack of protection for the driver, making it critical for the driver to rely on the vehicle's speed and maneuverability to avoid getting killed. Like the Tauntaun and 74-Z Speeder Bike , the vehicle has two health bars; 500 for the AT-RT and 300 for the driver. While it is still an open target, the driver itself has 40% damage reduction, which improves their survivability.

Health and Movement[]

Health Statistics for AT-RT
Base Health 500
Health Regen Rate 100 health/sec
Regen Delay 10 sec

Health Statistics for Driver
Base Health 300
(40% Damage Reduction)
Health Regen Rate SWBFII Class Assault Icon Assault, SWBFII Class Officer Icon Officer, SWBFII Class Specialist Icon Specialist
  • 30 health/sec

SWBFII Class Heavy Icon Heavy

  • 25 health/sec
Regen Delay 6 sec


Weapon Image SWBFII AT-RT Icon
Damage 45-40 (Explosion: 21)
Rate of Fire 300 RPM
Range Start damage drop-off: 100 meters
End damage drop-off: 200 meters
(Blast Radius: 0.8 meters
Inner Blast Radius: 0.5 meters)
Overheat 20 shots (0.05 heat per shot)
Overheat Penalty 1 seconds
Passive Cooldown Delay 2 seconds
Passive Cooldown 0.6 heat per second


Ability Icon SWBFII Ability Motion Scan Icon
In-game Description The MOTION SCAN detects and highlights enemy soldiers while active.
Effect Reveals enemies to the AT-RT and allies
Ability Duration 9 seconds
Boost Card Armor - Improved Duration Improved Duration
Increases duration to 11.25 / 12.15 / 13.05 / 14.4 seconds
Ability Cooldown 14 seconds

Ability Icon SWBFII AT-RT Ability ION Charge Icon
In-game Description Apply an ION CHARGE to your regular ammunition for a short time. Highly effective against vehicles.
  • Adds ion effect to blaster
  • Resets and prevents overheat for duration
Ability Duration 7 seconds
Ability Cooldown 20 seconds

Ability Icon SWBFII Ability Repair Icon
In-game Description REPAIR the vehicle on the spot. Manually initiate maintenance systems, increasing hull integrity over a short period of time.
Effect Restores 120 health of the AT-RT
Ability Duration 2 seconds
Ability Cooldown 18 seconds
Boost Card Armor - Fast Recharge Fast Recharge
Decreases cooldown to 16 / 15 / 13 / 11 seconds

Known Issues[]

Invisible AT-RT or pilot[]

AT-RT invisible pilot

Invisible pilot

There is a glitch where the AT-RT can become completely invisible, so the player can appear as if they are floating in the air. This is visible to both friendly and enemy players, although the shadow of the AT-RT will appear behind the player. 

The opposite can also happen, with the AT-RT visible, but the pilot invisible.

Pilot stuck inside AT-RT[]

AT-RT misplaced pilot

Pilot stuck under the vehicle

Similarly, another glitch sees the AT-RT spawn and perform normally, but the player's model is not properly loaded, and stuck in a permanent A-pose, with their head INSIDE the torso of the Walker; as a result, the player appears to be dangling beneath the walker.

Tilted AT-RT[]

AT-RT tilted

Tilting and jumping

A glitch can happen due to collision with the environment or props on the map. The AT-RT can tilt sideways to almost becoming parallel towards the floor, and if you tilt it enough, it'll start jumping whenever you start walking/running (AT-RTs can't jump by default). If the AT-RT tilts, this will affect where it shoots and can result in the weapon being misaligned with the reticule.

Not de-spawning after death[]

AT-RT shooting dead

Shooting after destroyed

Upon dying the vehicle can glitch in a way that it appears to be alive as it keeps shooting nonstop, while sometimes even in walking motion (although it doesn't actually move from its place). Its shots are harmless though, so it's just a visual glitch.


Giants Above Kachirho Update

  • Improved the firing crosshair on the AT-RT and Tauntaun for accuracy. The crosshair will now not be disappearing completely when firing is temporarily blocked by activating an ability.
  • Firing on the AT-RT is now temporarily blocked only when activating the Repair ability.
  • AT-RT firing is now blocked for the duration of the Repair ability.
  • Reduced the active time of the ION Charge ability from 10 to 7 seconds and fixed an issue that would cause the weapon to overheat during that time.
  • Fixed an issue that would prevent land vehicles to take damage from Lightsaber Heroes.

1.03 Patch

  • Fixed an issue where the HUD would indicate that friendly forces are taking damage when being hit with by the Ion Charge ability on the AT-RT.

0.2 Patch

  • Fixed an issue that prevented player to deploy in the AT-RT during the first phase of Galactic Assault on Hoth


  • Whatever class the player has selected before spawning into the AT-RT is the appearance of the pilot of the AT-RT.
  • The AT-RT actually has different skins depending on where it is.
    • On Naboo it will have red markings.
    • On Kashyyyk it will have green markings.
    • In the Age of Rebellion maps, it has black markings.