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"As the primary armored vehicle of the Galactic Republic, the six-legged All Terrain Tactical Enforcer maintained an arsenal of six laser cannons and a powerful mass-driver on top while also acting as a troop transport."
— In-game description

The AT-TE (All Terrain Tactical Enforcer) is a ground vehicle for the Galactic Republic in DICE's Star Wars Battlefront II. It was released on November 28, 2018 along with the new Geonosis map in Galactic Assault.[1][2]


The AT-TE walker is available for the Galactic Republic on Geonosis: Trippa Hive in Galactic Assault and Felucia: Tagata in Capital Supremacy. The AT-TE is the largest vehicle in the game, and is not on rails, meaning that it can be freely and fully controlled by the player.[3] Unlike most other vehicles in Galactic Assault, the AT-TE walker cannot be purchased for Battle Points and spawned into from the spawn screen; instead, it is manually entered in-game on the battlefront. AT-TE walkers are dynamically dropped on the map in the second phase on Trippa Hive. The AT-TE walkers are able to output great amounts of damage to enemy targets. However, they are slow and their underside is a weakpoint, being more susceptible to damage than other parts of the walker.

Health and Movement



  • Mass Driver Cannon: This ability will fire the AT-TE’s main cannon causing damage to those in its blast range.[4] 
  • Tactical Support: This ability will provide support to nearby clones. Not only with it refresh their abilities, but it will also scan the nearby vicinity for Droids.[4]
  • Ion Charge: The AT-TE transitions into Siege Mode allowing for Ion Charge to be fired instantly. Ion Charge is used to disable the Hardcells so they can be damaged by other weapons, and does come with a long cooldown.[4] The Ion Charge will also deal a great amount of splash damage to enemy personnel and vehicles in its blast radius.


  • Not counting certain "living vehicles" such as the Tauntaun on Hoth: Outpost Delta, the AT-TE walker is the first vehicle in the game to not be spawned into from the spawn screen, but instead manually entered into on the map.
    • A key difference between the AT-TEs and the Tauntauns, however, is that AT-TEs are dynamically dropped in-game throughout a match.
  • Ion charge, the AT-TE's right ability, is the only ability in the game that is only usable in a certain mode (Seige Mode, the AT-TE's middle ability).
  • The AT-TE walker is essential to the gameplay of the Geonosis Galactic Assault Map, with the ticket count of the Clone Troopers being dependent on them rather than each individual player.
  • AT-TE walkers were going to be able to be spawned on as an HQ by infantry troopers, but this feature was ultimately cut.[4]


Geonosis Tweaks; July 15, 2019

  • Lowered the health of the AT-TE by 1,000.

Battle of Geonosis Update

  • Added.


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