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Aayla Secura
Aalya Secura
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Galactic Republic

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Force Power 1:

Saber Throw

Force Power 2:

Force Pull

Aayla Secura is one of the few Jedi Knights that are able to use two lightsabers in tandem, allowing her great reach and the ability to take on multiple enemies at once, similar to General Grievous. Aayla is a very formidable adversary, capable of cutting through many foes at once. Her attacks are somewhat slow, although she can deal lots of damage with her 2 lightsabers.

In Hero Assault, Aayla is a popular choice because her attacks can connect with multiple adversaries at once. She is average in resilience, but is noticeably less resilient than Han Solo and Chewbacca.


Name Image Ammo
Aayla's Lightsabers Lightsabre Infinite Use
Saber Throw Sabere Throw Infinite Use
Force Pull Force Pull Infinite Use


  • In the games, Aayla uses a form of lightsaber combat called Jar'Kai, which is a variation of Form 6, Niman, whereas in the Star Wars universe, Aayla uses Form 5, Djem So.
  • Also in Star Wars: Battlefront II, Secura has a one green saber and one blue one (blue and purple sabers in the Beta and PSP version), but only has a single blue saber in the Star Wars universe.
  • Also, oddly enough, Aayla can only throw one lightsaber at a time.
  • Aayla's jumping attack is the same as Luke Skywalker's and her running animation is the same type as Obi-Wan's.
  • She is voiced by Rachel Reenstra in Star Wars: Battlefront II.



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