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"On the tropical planet, the First Order has scorched a chunk of the forest to land their relentless troops and attack the Resistance."
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The Klosslands is a map set on Ajan Kloss in DICE's Star Wars Battlefront II. It was added as part of The Rise of Skywalker Update, but was made playable on December 20, 2019, the day The Rise of Skywalker was released.[1]


The outer section of the map is mostly made up of a jungle, largely similar to Yavin 4 and Takodana which emphasises close-combat scenarios, though some parts are friendly to vehicles like AT-STs and are more open. The centrepiece of the map is the Resistance base perched on a cliff with the Tantive IV docked inside.

In Co-Op, the First Order are actively trying to attack the Resistance Base on top of the hillside while the Resistance tries to stop them, defending their command posts before gradually being forced back inside the caves of the base if the First Order is successful in taking command posts.

In Supremacy, the Resistance start in their base and system of caves, while the First Order start with their landing craft in the same position as they do in Co-Op. It is notable for being the only sequel trilogy Co-Op and Supremacy map that allows the usage of vehicles, with both sides utilising AT-ST's (Resistance utilises scavenged Galactic Empire variants) and LIUV's.


The following is a list of modes that The Klosslands is playable on:


  • 5E8254A8-E92A-408C-9BBD-ECFA579E31E8
    This map was first seen in the final trailer of The Rise of Skywalker.


The Rise of Skywalker Update

  • Added.



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