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Aliens are a diverse array of near- and non-human species that are featured in all Star Wars: Battlefront games. Some alien species are playable only as a certain unit or hero, while others are a customization option available for the player's character model. Additionally, some aliens are only seen in the background of maps and campaign levels.

List of playable aliens by game[]

Below is a list of all alien species that can be played in each Star Wars: Battlefront game. Aliens that only appear as heroes, such as the species of Ki-Adi-Mundi or Yoda, are not included.

Star Wars Battlefront (2015)[]

The aliens listed below are head Appearances available for the Rebel Alliance.

Star Wars Battlefront II (2017)[]

Ewok Hunt No Logo

Ewoks are a unit available in Ewok Hunt as well as an Infiltrator for the Rebel Alliance

The aliens listed below, aside from the Ewok, are Appearances available for the Rebel Alliance or the Resistance.

List of aliens that appear only in the background[]


In the campaign of DICE's Star Wars Battlefront II, Dressellians can be seen as Rebel troopers in missions such as The Dauntless and General Distress.