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"After Captain Phasma defeats five enemies with STAFF STRIKES, the recharge rate of all of her abilities are permanently increased."
— In-game description

NOTE: Due to a known bug, All For Myself is called Laser Wall Durability. While it is unlikely the bug will be fixed, the card will still be referred to as All For Myself here for consistency purposes.

All For Myself is a Boost Card for the villain Captain Phasma in DICE's Star Wars Battlefront II that can be unlocked for 1 Skill Point starting when Captain Phasma has been leveled up to Level 15.


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All For Myself Statistics
Affects Staff Strikes
Unlocked at Captain Phasma Level 15
Unlock Cost 1 Skill Point
Card Rarity Common Uncommon Rare Epic
Increased recharge rate of all abilities 10% 15% 20% 25%
Upgrade Cost N/A 1 Skill Point 1 Skill Point 1 Skill Point
Upgrade Requirements N/A N/A Captain Phasma Level 12 Captain Phasma Level 25


1.0 Patch

  • Added.