Alliance AAC-1 (AAC-1 Hovertank)
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Unit Details

2 1 Pilot, and 1 Gunner

The Rebel Combat Tank was a Tank used by the Rebel Alliance. It could seat two people; a driver who controlled the vehicle, main lasers and The Particle Cannons, and the main gunner, who controlled a MLRS (Multiple-Launch Rocket System)

A SoroSub designer sold the design for the AAC-1 Hovertank to the Rebellion after taking heavy losses at Sabaac. This vehicle is fast, maneuverable and has medium strength armour. It was emplyed as a anti-aircraft vehicle but the rebels discovered that can also be a devastating close range artillery weapon.

Attacks[edit | edit source]

Name Image Ammo
Laser Cannon Laser Cannon.png Infinite Shots
Particle Cannon Turret Particle Cannon.png Infinite Shots
Missile Turret Rocket.png Infinite Count

Weak Point[edit | edit source]

The swivel hub that attaches the MLRS to the vehicle.

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