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Ammunition Droids, called Ammo Droids, are meter-tall droids that resemble rectangular trash cans with legs, and are sometimes accompanied by nearby

GONK Droid

Ammo Droid

Health Droids. If you stand close enough to them, your unit will flash red and will regain ammunition on all of his/her weapons (unless they are at full ammo capacity). This is very handy in the middle of a battle and you will probably find yourself searching for one nearly all the time. However, they will not recharge ammunition for vehicles; you have to depend on Repair Droids for that.


A Jet Trooper getting ammo.

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  • The Ammo Droid is a GNK-series power droid from the Star Wars canon.
  • Pilots/engineers are able to repair an ammo droid if it is damaged, along with the other droids.
  • It takes 1.5 seconds to repair an ammo droid.