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Anti-Air Turrent

A Jet Trooper standing by an Anti-Air Turret.

2016-01-02 00002

An Updated AA Turret as Seen in "Underground Ambush"

Used exclusively on Bespin: Platforms, the Anti-Air Turret is a formidable defense against the aircraft of the level. Although not very accurate and quick to overheat, enemy fighters (Including but not limited to: TIE Fighters, X-Wings, and Droid Gunships) do not stand a chance against repetitive firing of this weapon.

The Anti-Air Turret can be found in 8 locations in Star Wars: Battlefront, the only time it is a weapon in the Star Wars: Battlefront Series. Although it serves its purpose as a Anti-Air (or AA) weapon, it may also be shot at units and other turrets for devastating effect. In Star Wars Battlefront 2, You have to destroy updated versions of these on Utapau and the normal versions of these on Felucia in the Rise of the Empire levels.

This turret was replaced by a new turret that appears in Star Wars Battlefront 2.


  • These turrets are easy to destroy with 1 or 3 shot from any Starfighter or Bomber.
  • If one fires the weapon at nearby ground in the PS2 port of Star Wars: Battlefront, the turret will shoot from side to side, while the PC port will always shoot vertically.