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Artificial Intelligence, or AI, in the context of video games, is the programming that establishes the guidelines for how non-human players act. Less conventional terms that are commonly used to refer to AI-controlled players are "bot" or "computer." In addition, a more accurate term is NPC (non-player/playable character), although NPC often refers to a faction of AI bots.

AI characters were given different names in the game depending on the faction. Some unplayable factions exist, such as the Jedi Temple Security Force in Pandemic Studios' series of Battlefront games.

Star Wars Battlefront II[]

In DICE's Star Wars Battlefront II, AI is present in the following modes:

Auto Players are the AI in Supremacy, Instant Action and Co-Op. They run on the game servers and was built from the ground-up.[1] In Co-Op and Instant Action, Auto Players are machine-learning and are able to use special units, including reinforcements, heroes, and vehicles.

AI Naming[]


Auto Players[]

Auto Players are the default AI for Instant Action and Co-Op. They are able to use all three ability slots (this, however, excludes fourth abilities like Anakin Skywalker's Retribution and certain abilities, see Issues below) and are able to use vehicles and reinforcements, but they cannot use turret emplacements (like in Hoth: Outpost Delta) and mounts like the Tauntaun.

In Instant Action, if the player is killed by an Auto Player who is playing as a Hero following The Celebration Update, they will use one of their Hero Emotes (excluding Kylo Ren's "Cowards" and Darth Maul's "Kenobi!", along with Kylo's "Showdown" and Finn's "Thumbs Up" emotes obtained through Co-Op, due to a limitation). Auto Player appearances will change depending on the map and run on the server, unlike the Arcade AI which runs on the client.

Auto Player Heroes will always spawn after 90 seconds in Instant Action Supremacy and after the first phase in Co-Op.

Arcade AI[]

This unnamed AI is only used in Arcade, including the Battle Scenarios. They are much more limited in terms of their movement and ability sets. They are only able to use the four default trooper classes.

Known Issues[]

Auto Players[]


AI may sometimes fail to pathfind[]

Sometimes, the AI may fail to pathfind, instead running into a wall or any obstacle.

Lack of perception[]
AI not pursuing

AI ignoring player after a while

Auto Players, probably due to performance limitations, don't really care to find a player, even if the player is contesting an objective. They'll have their pathfinding directions overriding any chase to an enemy that left their Line of Sight not long after.

Instant Action performance issues[]

Instant Action runs locally. This means the game becomes more resource consuming the more AI you bring into a match. Letting AI use more of special classes like Vehicles and Heroes will increase the burden even more. Trial and Error is needed to find a set of options that still allows your game to run smoothly on your end.

One of the many noticable examples of performance issues is that the game seems to freeze for a few seconds (occurs on PlayStation 4 base).

Immunity to Restrictive Mind Trick[]
AI Immune to RMT

AI still casting ability while affected by RMT

This AI is completely immune to Obi-Wan's Restrictive Mind Trick. You may use it, it'll appear as if it has worked, but the Auto Players will simply ignore any restriction and use abilities normally.

Difficulties to reach the High Ground[]
AI High Ground

AI having a hard time reaching Maul

Abusing of high places, usually on top of structures or objects, can scramble the AI's pathfinding entirely. This is more notorious against AI sabers, as these have a harder time attacking from afar (whereas shooters may just shoot you if they have Line of Sight, instead of pursuing you).

Special Units[]

Wookiee Warrior Slam ability may have no animation[]

Sometimes, the Wookiee Warrior's Slam does not play the animation, but the effect will occur.

Droideka's pathfinding issue in narrow doorways[]
AI Droideka stuck

AI trying to go through door in Kamino

When the Droideka was launched, DICE opted for a huge version of the Droideka (which is even taller then Anakin Skywalker). The issue with it is that the Droideka can't fit through doors that are meant for trooper classes to pass through. So when the Auto Players finally became able to use the Droideka, they too got stuck in the same doorways as unsuspecting players when the Droideka launched.


Inability to use post-launch Heroes[]

When the Co-Op mode launched with the Cooperation Update, the Auto Players were only able to use four heroes: Chewbacca, Yoda, Bossk and Darth Maul. This was due to the heroes being locked for them, a side-effect of the developers deciding to make the four newer Clone Wars heroes, Grievous, Dooku, Obi-Wan and Anakin, unlockable only through credits. This was fixed with the October 2019 Patch.

Heroes will ignore you after a long stalemate[]
AI disengaging

AI gets frustrated and ignores player for good

If you manage to fight an AI Hero and nothing happens between you 2 for quite sometime, the AI will simply stop perceiving you as an enemy and go along its business. This effect lasts for even longer then the stalemate needed to activate it. You can follow the AI Hero around and it'll simply ignore you. Until the timer is up that is, and then it starts perceiving you as an enemy once again.

Heroes may start walking/running backwards[]

Due to unknown reasons, AI Heroes can start going opposite then where they want to go. You can see the orientation of the character is correct, but as it tries to move forward it's actually pushed in the opposite direction.

Heroes may pause for a bit before resuming their movement[]

For unknown reasons, AI Heroes may also pause while advancing towards you, making them vulnerable to attacks. This is especially prevalent if you're playing as a blaster hero.

Some heroes don't use their secondary attacks[]

Heroes with secondary attacks, like Iden Versio and Leia Organa's alternate fire and Chewbacca's Charge Slam slam, will not use them at all. This is contrary to units like the ISB Agent, whose AI will use the secondary fire as intended.

Anakin's Heroic Might effect ends prematurely[]

The AI Anakin Skywalker's Heroic Might effect is known to end prematurely, where the shockwave triggers earlier than the actual effect itself. You can exploit this to take him out of the ability and deal the full damage to him.


Vehicles with empty seats[]

In very rare cases, AI vehicles will spawn in without the driver, which causes the perception that the vehicle is driving itself. However, the vehicle still behaves normally.

Arcade AI[]

Shots that deal no damage[]

AI Shots doing nothing

Many shots don't hurt you at all

Due to unknown reasons, some shots fired from this AI simply don't damage you. It's easier to spot this when facing against a single AI.

Clipping into Walls/Objects[]

AI Clipping

AI going inside a wall and coming back

This AI has a strange perk of just ignoring some physical barriers and traverse in and out of them.

Specialist uses Thermal Detonators[]

Arcade AI Specialist comes with a thermal detonator as his left ability. This is impossible to do as a Human Player in any mode as the Thermal Detonator is restricted to the Assault Class.

Immunity to most Knockback or Forced Movement effects[]

Most abilities that produce Knockback or Forced Movement effects, like force Pushes, or Chewie's Ground Slam, don't apply these effects in the enemy AI correctly. Usually they'll just kill these units, even if the intended damage wasn't enough for that (e.g.: Kylo's Pull deals 10 damage, but if used against Arcade AI it'll instantly kill any of them no matter how much health they have).

Immunity to Han Solo's Shoulder Charge[]

Since a few patches before they announced the game wouldn't be receiving any new major updates, Han Solo's Shoulder Charge ability stopped having any effect on Arcade AI whatsoever, whereas before it wouldn't knock enemies but it would at least damage them.

External links[]

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