The Artillery class is a vehicular class in DICE's Star Wars Battlefront II. It features powerful vehicles used by various factions. Artillery units can be played in-game using Battle Points which are earned by playing initially as an infantry unit.

Vehicles of the Artillery class are either massive, ground-based behemoths or high flying gunships. Unlike other vehicles, Artillery units cannot be piloted by players; Artillery vehicles are on rails, and players can only control the weapons systems of Artillery vehicles. The weapons of the Artillery vehicle are dependent on each faction's unique vehicle. Some Artillery vehicles are featured as objectives in Galactic Assault.

Additionally, unlike other vehicles and classes, the Artillery class does not contain any Star Cards. However, the Artillery class can be leveled up through experience earned and time played with the class.

Factions Edit

Trivia Edit

  • The Artillery class is the only class in the game that does not have Star Cards, and thus does not earn Skill Points. However, it can be leveled up, which rewards the player with credits.
  • Artillery vehicles are the only vehicles that cannot be fully operated by players.
  • Some Artillery vehicles are featured as objectives in Galactic Assault which must be escorted in a phase across several checkpoints.
  • The two factions of the First Order–Resistance war are the only factions that do not possess Artillery units: the First Order and the Resistance.