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Assault (Class)[]

Assault Troopers (also known as Heavy Troopers) are the main explosive-deployers and tank combatants of a team. They have higher-than-average health but slower speed.



These are the individual units used by the different factions:

These are the individual unit's Rocket Launchers:


Award Weapons[]

Tactical Analysis[]

  • Assault troopers are not built for direct confrontation with multiple enemies. Although its high health can be an advantage, the small clip size of the primary weapon and the lack of power with the sidearm make assault troopers impractical for these situations.
  • Assault troopers are better suited in a spot further back firing into groups of enemies. The splash damage of the rocket launcher makes it suited to dealing with clusters of enemies.
  • The rocket launcher is best used against vehicles locked on to their weak spots to take them out more quickly and conserve ammo.
  • The pistol is essentially useless; as such, always keep on the lookout for Ammo Droids or Ammo pickups to replenish rocket launcher ammo.
  • An assault trooper has no remarkable amount of grenades. However, using them to scatter groups of enemies for allies to pick them off is recommended.
  • When the rocket launcher is fired, an assault trooper should look for somewhere to take cover while they reload.
  • An assault trooper can also be used defensively; in moderately wide corridors such as those on Death Star: Interior they can take down the head of an offense easily.
  • Mines are objects placed on the floor or walls which explode when an enemy comes near enough to them.
  • Mines can be placed in choke points to alert allies of enemies and removing a few enemies.
  • Mines are very visible on the ground in wide open spaces such as the main body of Utapau: Sinkhole; however they can also be placed on walls, taking enemies by surprise. An example of this would be the barricades on Mygeeto: War-Torn City
  • Mines can also be placed beside flags in 2-Flag Capture the Flag or inside Command Posts.
  • On Hoth: Echo Base, it is possible to place mines on a Snowspeeder then fly it into the neck of an AT-AT, doing at least serious damage.
  • Mines can also be placed directly in front of enemy vehicles to damage them as enemies drive over them.
  • While it is impossible for a teammate to trip a mine, if an enemy trips a mine, the mine will damage or kill nearby teammates.


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