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Assault Droid (Droid Demolitions)
Assault Droid
Basic Info


Unit Details

Rocket Launcher

Secondary Weapon:

Blaster Pistol


Thermal Detonators



The Assault Droid is the CIS unit built to counter tanks, turrets, and other objects/vehicles with large amounts of health. Their primary weapons require very good aim, considering the shots they use are not very precise and their target is in many cases moving. While the Assault Droids' rocket launchers are primarily intended for the purpose of destroying enemy vehicles, they can also be used for disposing nearby enemies in one shot (or a few, if they are heroes), but the Blaster Pistol is a better option for that. In order to compensate for the fact that they are often facing opponents with superior firepower, Assault Droids have more health than regular infantry droids. Take your shots carefully and be conservative with ammo, these guys don't carry much of it. If you are forced into a close range fight against enemy infantry, pull out your sidearm and take advantage of your elevated health to outlast the enemy. Along with Rocket Launchers and Blaster Pistols, the Assault Droids are also armed with Mines and conventional grenades, Thermal Detonators. Their Mines are multi-purpose, being highly explosive and are thus fatal towards infantry, making them useful for locking down paths from enemy infantry but they are most effective towards vehicles. (Equivalent to Shock Trooper, Rebel Vanguard, Clone Heavy Trooper).

Attacks (SWBFII)[]

Name Image Ammo
E-60R Rocket Launcher E-60R 7 Shots
SE-14 Blaster Pistol SE-14 Infinite Shots
V-1 Thermal Detonator V-1 2 Count
HX2 Mines HX2 4 Count (On Xbox and PS2)

3 Count (On PC)

Attacks (SWBFI)[]

Name Image Ammo
E-60R Rocket Launcher E-60R 7 Shots
SE-14 Blaster Pistol SE-14 Infinite Shots
V-1 Thermal Detonator V-1 3 Count
HX2 Mines HX2 4 Count

Award Weapons[]


The Assault droid has multiple skins unlike most of the other Separatist units.


  • The Assault Droid is called the Demolition Droid in the first two Clone Wars campaign missions in Star Wars Battlefront I.
  • Originally the Assault Droid was going to be called Battle Droid shown here.
  • This droid's role is somewhat questionable, as in the films, the red vested battle droids are called Security Droids who have very different functions than Assault Droids. A better option would have been the B2-HA Super Battle Droid due to it having a built-in rocket launcher.
  • An Assault Droid can take down a AT-TE easily by using only four mines.