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The August 26th Patch is a minor update for DICE's Star Wars Battlefront II.[1] It was released on August 26, 2020.

The patch contains further bug fixes, tweaks, and improvements to certain game elements introduced in the Battle on Scarif Update, alongside other minor changes. It is the final update to Battlefront II.[2]

Around the same time as the release of the update, an update for the Steam version of Battlefront II, along with other EA games on Steam, was published that enabled Steam Achievements.[1]

Notable changes and fixes include:

  • Change to General Grievous' Claw Rush ability that prevent it from hitting the same opponent more than once.
  • Fixed an issue where Darth Vader's damage reduction can be built up; this would eventually make him invincible to most attacks.
  • Fixed a bug with Darth Maul being unable to block after using Spin Attack.

Opening comments[]

Hello there,

We have a small patch for STAR WARS™ Battlefront II arriving this Wednesday. The focus on this patch is a small number of fixes for several issues that are affecting heroes.

Most notably of which, is the issue where it was possible to build up Darth Vader’s damage reduction traits. A fix has also been implemented which will stop General Grievous’ Claw Rush ability hitting more than expected within a short space of time. We have also fixed an issue that would cause Darth Maul to become unable to block, after performing a Spin Attack.

Stay safe, be excellent to each other, and we’ll see you on the battlefront.

May the Force be with you, always.

The Star Wars Battlefront II Team[1]

Patch notes[]

  • Fixed an issue that would allow players to build up Darth Vader's damage reduction traits.
  • Fixed an issue where General Grievous' Claw Rush attack could hit opponents multiple times in a short time.
  • Fixed an issue where Darth Maul would not be able to block after performing Spin Attack while blocking.
  • Fixed an issue where inaccurate VFX would play around Boba Fett's jetpack while he is ragdolled.
  • Fixed an issue where Boba Fett's jetpack icon would not be greyed out while his abilities are blocked.
  • Updated in-game EA Access and Origin Access logos with EA Play logos.


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