Auto-Defence Mainframe 1.jpg

The Autoturret Mainframe is a Critical System in all capital ships. This system controls all the autoturrets on the outside of the ship and do not affect any autoturret on the inside of the ship. The mainframe looks like a pillar in the middle of the gunnery room. It takes two time bombs to destroy this system. It is capable of being repaired if damaged or destroyed, and is crucial to defense of a ship. As the majority of the grounded pilots tend to be in this room, it is generally a hard fight to take this room if one boards the ship, as the invaders tend to take the most casualties due to the rather high amount of AI  present. This room links to the shield generator, engines, and life support rooms. It is highly advisable to destroy the mainframe as it will render all automatic turrets unable to function, thus leaving the enemy cruiser defenseless. It will also minimze casualties on your side, as if the autoturrets are online, they are liable to shoot you and your allies down quite easily.

Due to the extremely large amount (bordering on almost impossible) amount of AI present in this room, attacking said room head on is suicide. The best way to take the room is to stay outside and fling grenades and blind-fire into the room, in hopes the grenade will kill a large amount of hostiles or at least force them to scatter, while the blind fire should make them keep their heads down. Speed is crucial, as the entire interior is a huge AI spawn point, and there are three other rooms, which will spawn enemy AI as well, so killing off all enemies inside and destroying the mainframe quickly is very much advised. 

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