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A Rebel soldier with the Damage Reduction Bonus

In Pandemic's Star Wars: Battlefront II, the player earns an Award when they accomplish certain feats during one life. An award gives the player a small bonus, making them more powerful. You may also only earn each award once per life.

In singleplayer modes such as Instant Action, the player's award level increases every time the player earns an award. The higher the player's award level, the easier it is for the player to obtain and keep their award bonus.

If the player dies, they lose the bonus from the award. The player can only keep the award bonus if they are at a Legendary award level.

List of awards[]

The following is a full list of awards, the requirements to obtain them, and the bonus that is received:

Award Criterion Bonus
Endurance Get 12 points in one life (Only 9 needed at Elite rank) Energy Regeneration Bonus
Guardian Get 24 points in one life (Only 18 at Elite) Damage Reduction Bonus
War Hero Get 36 points in one life (only 27 at Elite) Increased Damage Bonus
Frenzy Get 12 kills with a Blaster Rifle in one life (only 9 at Elite) Elite Rifle
Marksman Get 6 headshots with a Sniper Rifle in one life (only 4 at Elite) Beam Rifle
Demolition Get 4 Rocket Launcher critical hits on a vehicle in one life (only 3 at Elite) Remote Rocket Launcher
Regulator Get 8 kills with a Shotgun in one life (only 6 at Elite) Flechette Shotgun
Gunslinger Get 6 kills with a Blaster Pistol in 1 life (only 4 at Elite) Precision Pistol
Technician Slice a vehicle Vehicle Regeneration Bonus

Award levels[]

In singleplayer, every time the player earns an award, it is recorded by the game. There are four different singleplayer ranks for each award, based on the number of that particular award the player has earned previously. Note that in online multiplayer modes, all players have the Veteran rank.[citation needed]

The award levels are as follows:

Times Earned Rank Notes
0 to 3 Green No bonus is received at this rank
4 to 31 Veteran Bonus is received as usual
32 to 63 Elite Award criterion is lowered
64+ Legendary Bonus given at start of match and persists for entire match

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