The Awards that can be earned in Pandemic's Star Wars: Battlefront II include:

Name How to Obtain Receive
Endurance: Get 12 points in 1 life - 9 at Elite Energy Regeneration Bonus
Guardian: Get 24 points in 1 life - 18 at Elite Damage Reduction Bonus
War Hero: Get 36 points in 1 life - 27 at Elite Increased Damage Bonus
Frenzy: Get 12 kills with a Blaster Rifle in 1 life - 9 at Elite Elite Rifle
Marksman: Get 6 headshots with a Sniper Rifle in 1 life - 4 at Elite Beam Rifle
Demolition: Get 4 Rocket Launcher critical hits on a vehicle in 1 life - 3 at Elite Remote Rocket Launcher
Regulator: Get 8 kills with a Shotgun in 1 life - 6 at Elite Flechette Shotgun
Gunslinger: Get 6 kills with a Blaster Pistol in 1 life - 4 at Elite Precision Pistol
Technician: Slice a vehicle Vehicle Regeneration Bonus

Award LevelsEdit

There are four different ranks of the awards, based on the number you have earned previously. Note that in online multiplayer modes, all players have Veteran Status, regardless of amount of medals earned in single player due to the fact that this would make it extremely unbalanced. (Verification needed) These are as follows:

Times Earned Rank Notes
0 to 3 Green No bonus is awarded at this rank.
4 to 31 Veteran Bonus awarded as usual.
32 to 63 Elite Reduced award requirements.
64+ Legendary

Bonus is permanent in singleplayer .

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