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B2 Wrist Rocket

The B2-Wrist Rocket is used by the B2 Super Battle Droid, as its secondary attack. These potential weapons can inflict large amounts of damage to the enemies, due to its nature as a rocket. These weapons are most effective at long range as distance increases its destructive capability. The tip of the rocket's warhead is filled with a deadly payload. Upon impact, the detonator sparks and send the explosives ripping through the shell, causing instant death to who it hits. This also cause a small splash effect on the surrounding area, thus, weakening the units around the target. The best way to avoid such an devastating weapon, look for the rocket's distinctive red glare that throbs slowly through the air. Also, if a B2 is crouching down and pointing one of his arms at you. This is its firing position, so find cover as fast as you can.

Compared to thermal detonators, the Wrist Rocket fires in a straight line and detonates on impact, unlike thermal detonators which can bounce off of objects and explode after a short time. This makes it easier to use in direct engagements, but not very useful at flushing targets out of cover. It also does less damage to vehicles and structures than thermal detonators, as well as having smaller splash. Effectively, it trades range and ease of use for damage and utility.