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The BTL-A4 Y-Wing is a Rebel Alliance starfighter in DICE's Star Wars Battlefront and Star Wars Battlefront II. In Battlefront, it is simply referred to as Y-Wing.

DICE's Star Wars BattlefrontEdit


This Rebel alliance starcraft is used as a heavy bomber for planetary and orbital targets. In the Walker Assault mode, Y-wings are utilized to lower the protective shields of the AT-ATs. Although hard to hit, the Y-wings can be destroyed by starfighters or be locked onto with Smart Rockets or Ion Torpedoes. The Y-wings are collectively under the call sign Rogue Squadron. When one is called via uplink, the time they give to the Rebels to attack is decreased as shown when the color of the Y-Wing drains. Once all Y-wings time has run out, the Rebels must move onto the next uplink, or if it's the final move up, will suffer defeat.

Although they cannot be piloted, the Y-wing can be summoned in the form of a Power Up. When collected, a squad of AI controlled Y-wings will spawn near the player and attack enemy fighters for 60 seconds.

DICE's Star Wars Battlefront IIEdit


The BTL-A4 Y-Wing returns in Battlefront II as a starship that can be controlled by the player directly. It serves as the Bomber class for the Rebel Alliance. Its counterpart on the Imperial side is the TIE/sa Bomber.

The Y-WIng is an extremely durable and heavy hitting bomber. Its high health and shields allow it to shrug off hits and using its Astromech Repair will fix any damage that is taken. It can hit objectives and enemy fighters hard with its Dual Proton Torpedoes, and its ION Cannon Turret can turn any starfighter into a sitting duck.


2,100(with shields)


The BTL-A4 Y-Wing has three abilities to use:

  • Astromech Repair: Instantly restores a small amount of lost health.
  • ION Cannon Turret: Activates the ION turret which fires at the locked target causing low damage whilst reducing the target's speed for a short time.
  • Dual Proton Torpedoes: Fires two missiles simultaneously which track the target and deal high damage.


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