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The Bacta Bomb is a grenade that refills the health of every player within its vicinity, giving 30 additional health points if not attacked.


Throwing this item on the ground will erupt a pool of a blue smoke which will last for a few seconds. Anyone who comes into contact with this blue smoke will regain full health and a 30 hit point bonus for infantry and a 10% hit point bonus for heroes and bodyguards. Every time you heal one player you get 25 points.

It is currently one of the only two Star Cards that heals players, the other being the Adrenaline Stim, although it only heals the player who used it and is a charge Star Card.

It is one of the Star Cards that takes a long time to cool down, taking 30 seconds to be used again (25 once upgraded). This also applies for the Scout Binoculars.


The bacta bomb has several good uses. When healing your teammates, be careful to throw the grenade in a place that will heal the most allies. The grenade is also great for healing you if you become severely injured in an unsafe area. Of course, you can also be greedy and boost your own health before entering a heated battle or anytime you want. Your teammates will often learn to stick with you so you will heal them up. Make sure though to not use it if you are crowded in an area full of enemies, or else you'll be defeated just as easily.


  • Bacta, the substance that the Bacta Bomb contains, is featured in The Empire Strikes Back. When Luke Skywalker is wounded by the wampa and saved by Han Solo, he is encased in a bacta tank after they return to Echo Base.
  • On very, very rare occasions, the bacta gas produced by the bomb will be generated in rainbow colors. It is unclear why this is so, or what the odds of it happening are.
  • This is the only grenade that heals players rather than kill them.
  • As of the 'Death Star Patch', the Bacta Bomb, once used, will instantly cause your health to reach 100, but for the extra 30 health, it adds 5 health a second. In that 6 second period (as 30 divided by 6 is 5), if the player takes damage, the bonus health will be cancelled.
  • It was released on May 3, 2016, in preparation for the May 4th update. 
  • in skirmish, if you use it on an ai teammate it will not heal them, but give you around 500 score for some reason