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Bando gora 2

"No, no Jango, not the Bando Gora. It's too dangerous, even for you."- Roz

The Bando Gora was a secret cult that lasted until shortly after the Battle of Naboo.


"It's a very secretive organization. They're everywhere and nowhere at the same time." - Roz

At first they were a force centered cult. Later they were combined with grave diggers and became a very dark and ruthless cult. They were eliminated when Jango killed their leader, Komari Vosa.


The Bando Gora have several units native to Kohlma. They are hunched and are usually 1 hit kills with their melee attacks. They also possess the ability to shoot bolts from their hands, and they are very accurate. Some are captains and have skulls as masks. Others are hooded and have blazing red eyes. They only appear in mods.