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Geonosis Trippa Hive - Spider Walker - Pontus Ryman DICE

Spider Walkers can be seen in the distance on Geonosis

"Battle Beyond [...] supports the location's sense of scale. Using Geonosis as an example [...], you'll see starfighters swooping in over the barren battlefield, Spider Droids shooting lasers, and other visual effects in the backdrop adding to that grand Battle of Geonosis sensation."
Star Wars Battlefront II blog post[1]

Battle Beyond is the name given to background map elements that add to the feeling of being part of a larger battle in DICE's Star Wars Battlefront series.

Similar to Battle Beyond is the Living World.

Star Wars Battlefront[]

In Battlefront, Battle Beyond elements can be present at the beginning of the match or can be triggered by a scenario that occurs while the match is in progress, such as heavily depleting the health of an AT-AT early on in a Walker Assault match.



A Star Destroyer looms over the battle

On Outpost Beta, there is a battle out in the distance occurring between an Imperial Star Destroyer and several Rebel ships, including a Nebulon B-class Frigate. During the second phase of Walker Assault on Outpost Beta, if the Rebel team has significantly damaged an AT-AT, the ion cannon will fire several ion bolts at the Imperial Star Destroyer in the distance and a GR-75 Medium Transport ship will be seen leaving Hoth, just like in The Empire Strikes Back. However, if the Imperial team is instead able to prevent their walkers from sustaining heavy damage, the Imperial Star Destroyer in the distance will fire several laser bolts at the ion cannon, causing heavy damage.


Walker jakku-1

On all Jakku maps, the Battle of Jakku can be seen raging in the sky. Imperial Star Destroyers and debris from the battle can be seen falling as surviving capital ships and small fighters trade fire with one another. On Graveyard of Giants, the towering wreckage from downed cruisers and Rebel corvettes surround the battlefield.

In Walker Assault on Graveyard of Giants, regardless of which team is winning, an Executor-class Star Destroyer in the distance will crash into the ground half-way through the match and throw up large plumes of sand, shaking the player's screen at the same time.

On Goazon Badlands, if the Rebel team is winning in Blast, Cargo, or Heroes vs. Villains, the Imperial Star Destroyer that can be seen from the cliff side will slowly crash into the desert, shaking the player's screen.


Super star destroyer

On SoroSuub Pipelines, if the Imperial team protects their AT-ATs well enough in Walker Assault, an Executor-class Star Dreadnought will rise up in the distance with an escort of Star Destroyers. The roar of its engines can be heard as it departs the battle.

On Sulfur Fields, Imperial Star Destroyers and Mon Calamari Cruisers float above the map in combat. Regardless of mode, if the Rebel team is winning, an Imperial Star Destroyer will explode in the distance and split in two. If the Imperial team is winning, a Mon Calamari Cruiser will crash to the ground and shake the player's screen.



For Walker Assault on Jundland Wastes, if the Empire's AT-AT walkers are heavily damaged by the end of the second set of uplinks, three Imperial Star Destroyers will appear out of hyperspace in the sky and be met with a small Rebel fleet.

On Jawa Refuge, the Battle Beyond event will vary depending on which team, the Rebel Alliance or Galactic Empire, is winning. If the Imperials are winning, AT-AT walkers will be seen entering the canyon, but if the Rebels are winning, damaged TIE fighters will fly close to the cliffside as they are chased by X-Wings.

Star Wars Battlefront II[]


Several AT-M6s can be seen advancing on the Resistance base during Phase I of Galactic Assault as seen in The Last Jedi.


On Felucia, A6 Juggernaut Turbo Tanks fire rockets at a nearby Separatist landing craft. Also, clones and droids can be seen fighting just out-of-bounds, and a Hailfire Droid moves around further away, where it fires missiles until it is destroyed by one of the Juggernauts.

Death Star II[]


The Rebel fleet's assault on the Death Star II as seen in Return of the Jedi can be seen taking place from the many hangars and turbolaser batteries on Command Sector North. Mon Calamari Star Cruisers, CR90 Corvettes, and Nebulon B-class Frigates can be seen engaging Imperial Star Destroyers and the Executor-class Star Dreadnought the Executor. TIE fighters and X-wings engage in fighter-to-fighter combat as well.


Battle on Geonosis - Battlefront II

The best example of Battle Beyond elements in Battlefront II is on Trippa Hive, where Spider Droids are seen shooting at players after the first phase of Galactic Assault. Over the course of the match, large groups of clone troopers, supported by AT-TE's that are flown in by Low Altitude Assault Transport carriers, will also be seen in the distance fighting the droid army.

After toppling the two Hardcell-class transports, several Acclamator-class cruisers also emerge from hyperspace and a voice line from a naval officer plays, saying that reinforcements have arrived.


B1 Specialist on Kamino 2

In Cloning Facility, Trident-class assault ships can be seen frequently emerging from the ocean and landing on the Kaminoan buildings. Venator-class Star Destroyers and Providence-class Dreadnoughts float above the map, exchanging laser and missile fire.

In Galactic Assault, as the Separatists make significant progress in capturing one of the platforms during the second phase, a Trident assault ship jumps up from the ocean and lands on the platform, providing some cover from air attack. Additionally, inside the cloning facility during the fourth phase, clones can be seen in the distance fighting droids on the floor of the facility.


Kashyyyk Beach Andrew Hamilton

Battle Beyond elements also take place on Kachirho Beach in Galactic Assault. Wookiees can be seen in the distance holding the line to their village as droids attack them on the beach.