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"Vosa is on a moon of Bogden" - Roz

Kohlma: Moon of the Dead is a mod map created by Sereja. It is on one of the moons of Bogden that Jango Fett had to traverse to get to Komari Vosa. It is very well put together.


The environment is very dark and devoid of life. There is mist everywhere with lagoons surrounding it. In the center is the small civilization the Bando Gora, there are many corridors, statues and pathways. There are even caves underground. There are two hangars on the far side, one of which hosts the Slave I. On the other side is the arena where Jango and Montross fought and the entrance to the palace. On the outskirts of the citadel, there are sarlacc-like beasts who have tentacles and will act like one.


The CIS have both the B1 and B2 Battledroids, the assassin droid, the geonosian (soldier) and the droideka. Same as Otoh Gunga.

The clones have the clone trooper, clone arc trooper, clone trooper pilot, clone barc trooper, and clone jet trooper. The barc trooper has a blaster rifle, DC-15S blaster pistol, missile launcher, and grenades. The trooper pilot also has a DC-15A carbine instead of arc rifle. The jet trooper has the sniper rifle instead of an EMP rifle.

The rebels have the alliance captian instead of wookie smuggler, which as a sniper rifle, A28O blaster rifle, DL - 44 blaster pistol, and health/ammo dispenser

The empire has the stormtrooper, sand trooper, imperial pilot, imperial jet trooper (which has a sniper rifle) and imperial tank commander, which has an RT-97C blaster rifle, DL-44 blaster pistol, minimag missile launcher, and supply dispenser.

The native sides are the Bando Gora. The Bando Gora consists of many darkly colored people (sometimes in armor) They act like the Wampas and can shoot bolts out of their hands. Their leader Komari Vosa has two lightsabers and force powers.

Jango Fett is also unit. It is hard to know which side he is on. He is presumably on the clones' side because he never attacks them.

According to the 016.lua files, Boba Fett also appears as a unit.


  • Both Jango's and Montross's ship is found on this map.
    • Slave I can be entered but can't be flown. It can shoot though.
  • The geonosian's equipment is the same from Otoh Gunga.