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An overlook of the main body of the city

Naboo: City of Theed is a very large and well put together map created by Sereja.


This map covers Theed and everything in it from everything revealed in the movies, including the palace, city, hangar, and people. These include everything shown in the palace, the waterfall where the bongo is, power plant, etc.


This map has very unique sides. The Republic side have similar contents to the original. The CIS are pretty much the same, the B1 and B2 battle droids are playable, and the droid pilot has pilot and assault equipment. The clones are very different. They have a different skin of armor, being red and white. The clone ARC Trooper carries a Z-6 Rotary Blaster Cannon, DC-15S pistol, and a missile launcher. The Clone Commander carries a blaster rifle, the DC-15S blaster, and has a single propulsion jetpack. The Jet Trooper has a jet pack, a sniper rifle that can be charged to become a blaster, and a DC-15S blaster. The clone pilot sports space gear.

Although not stated, there are many native sides. These include the Geonosians, Naboo Royal Guard, Magnagards, Gungans, the Queen, Darth Vader, etc.

The Galactic Civil War sides are very different compared to the original. The Rebels are instead the Naboo Security Guard. There are also special units, like the handmaiden, which is equipped with a lightwhip, probe droid, ELG-3A pistol, health dispenser, and Tusken rifle. The Empire have pretty much the same sides as normal with modified weapons. The Empire also has an Imperial Navy trooper as their special unit with an improved blaster rifle than can hold up to 500 ammo, a missile launcher, Q-2S5 pistol, and health dispenser.


  • This map has an incredible amount of detail, including custom textures, objects, effects, and more.
  • In the Clone Wars era, the CIS have control of the palace when starting.