Nar shaddaa

Nar Shaddaa: Vertical City is a mod map created by Sereja that takes place in a floating city on Nar Shaddaa.


Despite the rest of the planet being poor and in poverty, the Vertical City is highly elevated, and brings out the best out of the planet.  There are multiple buildings connected by roads and platforms.  There is even a gladitorial arena where a rancor is located.  There is a heavy focus on bars and what seems to be clubs.


The Clones sport their phase 2 armor, and available classes are:

  • Clone Trooper: Blaster rifle, Blaster pistol, Grenade
  • Clone Tank Driver: Blaster cannon, Blaster pistol, Detonator, and Concussion Grenade.
  • Clone Trooper Pilot: Carbine, Blaster pistol, Fusion Cutter, and Supply dispenser.
  • Clone Airborne: Blaster rifle, Blaster pistol, Sniper rifle, and Detonator.
  • Clone Jet Trooper: DC - 15x Sniper rifle   

The Republic also has Anakin Skywalker as their hero.

The CIS have both the B1 and B2 battle droids, the pilot droid, assassin droid, and droideka.  The pilot droid has an E-5 blaster rifle, SE - 14R blaster pistol, missile launcher, and fusion cutter.  Their particular fusion cutter has the abiilty to heal their own units since they are droids.

The Rebels have the rebel trooper, rebel vanguard, rebel pilot, rebel marksman, and alliance captian.  The alliance captian has the DLT - 2DA sniper rifle, A280 blaster rifle, DL - 44 blaster pistol, and health/ammo dispenser.  He looks a lot like Captian Antilles.

The Empire has the Stormtrooper, sandtrooper, imperial pilot, scout trooper, and imperial gunner.  The imperial gunner has the RT-97C blasater rifle, Q-25S blaster pistol, energized stun baton, and fusion cutter.

There are many other units that are not playable without editing the assets.  These are the Bar Scum (these are units who are exactly what they sound like) - gangsters who live on Nar Shaddaa, Gungans, Han Solo, R2-D2, etc.


  • This mod is actually very calm and spread out compared to what Nar Shaddaa really looks like.
  • Slave I and the Millenium Falcon are on this map, and they can both be entered but not flown.
  • The gladiator area looks very similar to the first level of Star Wars: Bounty Hunter.