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Otoh Gunga is a mod map created by Sereja. It is highly detailed and takes place underwater in the hidden Gungan city on Naboo.


Otoh Gunga takes place underwater in one of the Gungan's hidden cities. The environment consists of one main bubble, complete with smaller bubbles in a ring like fashion around the main one. Inside the main bubble are smaller bubbles connected by ramps and platforms. One very unique thing about the bubbles is that their entrances are actually shields, so it is impossible to fire into the bubble from the outside, but is possible to fire from the inside. If an organic is found outside the main bubble (actually underwater) the organic will drown by slowly decreasing their hp. There are many command posts, including the Fambaas on the bottom.


Like most of Sereja's work, he includes custom sides.

The CIS have both the B1 and B2 Battle Droids, the Assassin Droids, the Droideka, and the Geonosian. The Geonosian's equipment is modified to be on par with the gear of its team. Its sonic blaster deals damage based on how long it is charged and will explode on impact, knocking units over. It also has a sniper rifle that can be charged to become a laser. It has a staff that essentially acts as a lightsaber, a fusion cutter, and mines. Also, Sereja has added wings to the back of the Geonosian. However, these wings don't disappear when the unit starts flying.

The clones sport their red and white gear. The Clone Commander and clone jet commander make an appearance. The clone commander has a missile launcher added to its kit and the jet commander has a DC-15A carbine and health dispenser.

The Imperial's special unit has been replaced with the Imperial Tank Commander, which arms itself with a blaster rifle, DL-44 Blaster pistol, minmag missile launcher, and health dispenser.

The Rebel Alliance has the alliance captain, which arms itself with a sniper rifle, blaster rifle, DL-44 blaster pistol, and a health dispenser. Their special unit is the Gungan guard, which has a deflector shield (which acts as an automatic Droideka shield if facing the right way), an atlatl (a big boomer launcher), and a cesta (a type of staff that acts as a lightsaber, albiet is practically useless because it won't hit anything even at point blank).

There are many native sides that are not playable. These include additional Gungan infantry (with different weapons), Han Solo, Obi-Wan, General Grievous, MagnaGuards, etc.


  • There is an identical mod for this map for Star Wars: Battlefront II.