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High C

The Battlefront Wiki High Council is an honorary title held by the the Star Wars: Battlefront Wikia: Administration and the Guards of the wiki. All decisions based around this wiki's future will be discussed by the High Council.

 Order of Command 

  • User:Chance.purvis: Leader of this wiki, Comm Officer
  • Grand Moff Kingofall42: Grand Moff Purvis' Second in Command, Rewording Officer
  • Moff Skyobiliviator: Guard Leader, Main Enforcer, Basics Sergeant, Rewording Unit
  • User:Sam2011: Moff Skyobiliviator Second in Command, Guard, Main Lookout


  • Grand Moff: An administrator(s) who is the head leader of the wikia, must be a beaurocrat. They preside in the Judicial System as the Supreme Judges, they will hear the appeals of the accused.
  • Moff: An administrator(s) who is the Grand Moff(s) second in command, has a higher chance of becoming a beaurocrat than most. They preside in the Judicial System, and will hold the first trial.
  • Lord: An adminstrator that help help Moff(s). One must not have a vandalism history.
  • Grand Executor: An Adminstrator who is both a Guard and a Commander, but no other rank.
  • Commander: User(s) that normally very helpful and almost gain an Admin request. Like lords, Commander(s) must not have a vandalism history.
  • Executor: A user(s) that is given the rank Guard. If this user(s) is an Admin in other wiki(s) his chance as an Admin in this wiki is higher.

High Council Members:[]