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Ok, so for everyone I'm making a tutorial to make a image transparent. So I will have some links for programs but there is a two step process.

Step 1:[]

Ok so download image, from wiki. Then open it up in Microsoft Paint. Now choose color to white(this will help the process later). Now every part of the image that isn't part of the actual unit/vehicle/weapon paint it white. Now if your cutting it out, use the box marquee option and start deleting parts of the image that will help you later. Now keep the image background to white, now save the image as a .PNG it will be automatically saved in .PNG 64 format.

Step 2:[]

Now open up GIMP. If you do not already have Gimp then install it. Now open the image up with gimp. Then go to the top of the program and look for tab called layer. Now scroll down until you find a item called Transparency, then move to the side and choose top option Add Alpha Channel. Now go find the magic wand tool on the toolbox next to image, now go to the image and select the white parts of it, and delete. Now after its transparent then go and save it.

I hope this tutorial was helpful and I will be adding more tutorials on how to do things with images.

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