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Tusken Beam Rifle

The Beam Rifle is the Award version of the Sniper Rifle. It can be obtained by achieving the Marksman Award. It operates much like a Sniper Rifle, but has a stronger beam and will penetrate units. The beam will also linger for about a second, so you can sweep it around to make hitting a moving enemy easier. This means that you can really do some long range damage to your opponents in a game. It is a very fun weapon to use, as shooting an enemy in the foot is enough to do them in, but has extremely limited ammunition (only 24 shots, with a mere 4 to a magazine).

The Beam Rifle is suited for sniping, close quarter combat, and anti vehicle operations. It can have great effect in places like Tantive IV and Polis Massa because the corridors and hallways bunch up one's enemies and the rifle has the ability to shoot through up to 5 people in one shot. To know that you are holding one, your sniper rifle will shoot a purple beam. It is also effective at shooting down pilots but only effective at rebel aircraft because of the transparent cockpit.


People have expressed their dislike of the Beam Rifle as a Sniper Rifle, saying that they put the dot on a target's head, shoot, and nothing happens. This is true, but it turns out that the Beam Rifle Works differently than the normal Sniper Rifle.

It is impossible to get a headshot with the Beam Rifle if you center the dot on your target's head while zoomed in.

How to get headshots with the Beam Rifle[]

1: Zoom in

2: Center the dot on the top of the target's head, as if you were trying to give them a haircut.

3: Zoom out

4: Fire

It is noted that the dot has to be in the middle of the top of the enemies head. If your aim is off by even a centimeter, you will miss the shot. Due to the fact that the process to get a headshot is long and has to be very precise, you can only do this with stationary targets.

For some reason, the dot of the scope is aligned with the beam, but the hitbox of the beam is not. Aim slightly lower than where you want to hit. The disjoint varies by resolution, so find a stationary target to practice on, then memorize your disjoint amount.

It is worth mentioning that, with the exception of Wookiee Warriors, Clone Commanders, Droidekas (with shields up), and heavy units, a regular Sniper Rifle with the War Hero bonus of stronger fire power can also kill a unit with a single hit on any part of their body.

One effective strategy for using the beam rifle is no-scoping the enemy's center of mass at close to medium range. This strategy avoids the annoying hitbox issues that occur while scoped and is fairly accurate. Despite not having a crosshair while unscoped, the beam goes towards the exact center of the screen as long as one makes sure to allow ample time between shots .


The Beam Rifle must be unlocked to use it.


  • Massive stopping power.
  • Can penetrate multiple enemies.
  • Beam lingers for more damage.


  • Cannot reliably score headshots.
  • Low ammo count and clip size.
  • Slow fire rate and reload time.
  • Shorter range