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This page is about Han Solo's Beckett's Crew appearance. For his other appearance added in The Han Solo Season, see Corellia Escape.

"Seduced by the prospect of a life as con artist, smuggler, and all-around crook, Han threw in with Tobias Beckett and a small-time crew of scoundrels planning a big-time heist. After their plan to steal coaxium was thwarted by a rival gang, Han soon found himself mingling with the criminal elite, leading to a reunion with his childhood friend, Qi'ra."
— In-game description

Beckett's Crew is a Legendary appearance for Han Solo in DICE's Star Wars Battlefront II that was released as part of The Han Solo Season. It costs 80,000 Credits or 2,000 Crystals to unlock.


This skin is based on Han Solo's appearance in Solo: A Star Wars Story and features young Han wearing a maroon jacket and black undershirt.



Han Solo Season Update 2

  • Added.