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Bespin is a gas giant planet in the Star Wars Universe, not unlike Jupiter of our Universe. Its main export is Tibanna gas, bringing many mining jobs to the planet. The inhabitants don't live on the surface, because there is none, meaning all the cities and things are floating in the sky in the only inhabitable part of the atmosphere there.


This is the Bespin city seen in The Empire Strikes Back. The main area is a city square and ramps leading up to platforms linking around the entire map. Besides having plenty of sniping posts, there is also the carbon freezing chamber and two platforms leading into the wind tunnel. The freezing chamber is inaccurate and the arm retrieves a slab of carbon from the pit every few minutes. Jumping in the pit or wind tunnel will kill your character.

Bespin Platforms is a flying mission with craft available, although you can also fight out the battle on foot. There are two small Starfighters on each platform, such as Jedi Starfighters, Vulture Droids, X-Wings, or TIE fighters. Each side also has a bomber platform (Republic Gunship, CIS transport, Y-Wing, or TIE bomber). The two Clone Wars Era craft can have more than two passengers. The CIS and Empire also receive a Cloud Car. Turrets are placed all over the map, making it difficult to traverse into enemy territory.

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The Star Wars: Battlefront Galactic Civil War era campaign missions: Ch. 14; Bespin- Liberation of Cloud City and Ch. 15; Bespin- Battle in the Clouds take place on Bespin.


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