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Bespin: Cloud City is the second Bespin map in Star Wars: Battlefront. The map is composed around a central courtyard, surrounded by tall skyscrapers that link up together with multiple bridges, leading to various command posts.  The map has a few nods to the Empire Strikes Back, locations such as the Carbonite Chamber that acts as a command post, and a massive chasm that bears a similar appearance to the one Luke falls into after dueling Darth Vader

Campaign Mode[]

In the Historical campaign mode on Star Wars Battlefront I; your mission is to defeat the Imperial Garrison. It is useful to play as a Marksman as there are many hiding places for snipers. Take advantage of the scope on your rifle as it enables you to take out enemies in the far distance and on other balconies.

The Map[]



Heroes (SWBFI)[]

Heroes (SWBFII)[]

Heroes (SWBF:ES)[]

Combat Modes[]


  • Since the upper corridors are where the majority of the fighting occurs, it's best to focus your efforts there while the rest of your allies fight in the courtyard.
  • Cloud City itself played a large role in The Empire Strikes Back. It was where Han Solo got encased in carbonite and Luke Skywalker learned Darth Vader is his father. The city also appears in other Star Wars media, including the Force Unleashed where Starkiller searches for support from a planned Rebel Alliance.
  • This map is a common sight in mods for Star Wars Battlefront II, due to it being considered one of the best maps in Battlefront 1.
  • If your character falls in the Carbon Freezing chamber you may get a glimpse of Han Solo frozen in carbonite.
    • Han Solo only appears when playing in the Galactic Civil War era only in Battlefront I.
  • It would be smart to knock off Darth Vader or Luke Skywalker off of the high corridors as soon as possible, as that will clear said corridor. This is a smart thing to do, since they will constantly keep killing every trooper that spawns on there.
  • In the console versions of Battlefront there exists blue bars on the bridges going down on Cloud City. But in the PC port, they do not exist.



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