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Bespin: Platforms is set on a Mining Platform on the Gas Giant World of Bespin. This Map features several landing platforms and two control rooms. The Bespin Platforms level is good if you are looking for some dogfighting action. Every ship is available here and the Bespin Wing Guards have left a few Cloud Cars for you. The area also has a lot of great sniping areas, though the sniper class is not recommended. A class that will prove useful is the heavy class, as their rocket launcher can track down starfighters. This map has the most furious firefight of them all, in the long corridors there will often be large pile-ups of troops. Because of this, it is advised that you try to avoid pouring too many units into one small alley, as it can turn very quickly into a deadly war of attrition. Droidekas are great while fighting on the passageways from platform to platform. The anti-aircraft turrets will prove useful when playing on this map, but they are frequently targeted by enemy ships. The sheltered areas are handy when evading enemy strafing runs.

Campaign Mode[]

In the Historical Campaign Mode on Star Wars Battlefront I, your mission is to drive the Galactic Empire off of Bespin.

The Map[]


Clone Wars

Galactic Civil War



Heroes (SWBFI)[]

Combat Modes[]


  • You can see Cloud City in the Western part of the Map.
  • The Mining Platforms did not appear in any films. However in Empire Strikes Back Special Edition a similar location appeared for a brief second after Luke leaves Dagobah, possibly as a salute to the Battlefront game released at the same time as the DVD Special Edition pack in 2004.
  • These platforms are also playable in "Star Wars The Force Unleashed" as seen in the level where Starkiller finds a drunken Kota.
  • This is one of a few maps in the original games that didn't appear in either the prequel or original trilogy.
  • This is one of the largest maps for dogfighting.
  • Though borderline suicidal, it is entirely possible to fly a Republic Starfighter through the sheltered corridors. No other fighter in the game is capable of this.