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The Bespin Wing Guard is a body appearance for the Rebel Alliance in DICE's Star Wars Battlefront that can be unlocked beginning at Rank 65 for 20,000 Credits. It was added as part of the Bespin Update.


Bespin Wing Guards were first seen in The Empire Strikes Back as the police and defense force of Cloud City. Just like in the movies, in Battlefront they have a distinctive blue uniform with gold accents that stands out on the battlefield.

When the Bespin Wing Guard was added in the Bespin Update, there was only one human head that could go with the body appearance. This changed with the Death Star Update, which overhauled the appearance system of Battlefront, allowing the player to "mix-and-match" heads with the Bespin Wing Guard outfit along with other body appearances.


  • Bespin Wing Guards were first human customization option to be unlocked for the Rebel Alliance above Level 50.
  • In The Empire Stikes Back, Bespin Wing Guards were all armed with Stinger Pistols, but they can equip any of the available weapons in the game.
  • They were the first Rebel appearance to have a cost higher than 17,000 Credits.