"Small hold-out blaster with a two-blast burst mode, named after the Blurrg, a strong and stoic creature native to the planet Ryloth."
— In-game Description

The Blurrg-1120 is a primary weapon in Star Wars Battlefront II usable by the Officer Class.

Design Edit

The Blurrg-1120 is a small, single-wield blaster pistol featuring a handle and a trigger with a curvature. The blaster is equipped with two muzzles, used for a double shot firing mode.[1]

Overview Edit

The Blurrg-1120 can perhaps be seen as the spiritual successor to the SE-14C from the previous game. Like the SE-14C (and the EE-3 and EE-4), the Blurrg-1120 is a burst-fire weapon, although it has the shortest burst length out of the group, firing only two shots per burst (unless modified), dealing 25 damage per shot, for a total of 50 damage per burst. The Blurrg-1120 can make for a very dangerous weapon in the hands of an accurate player, as landing three bursts on target is enough to secure a kill against any class other than the Heavy (and in the case of the Heavy, one additional trigger pull is all that is needed), barring any health-increasing effects. The Cooling power is nothing to write home about either; the Blurrg-1120 permits only 5 bursts between every cooldown, meaning that the user cannot afford to miss more than twice in order to ensure that the weapons does not overheat mid-engagement. Despite possessing fairly favourable range characteristics, one should be mindful that the Blurrg-1120's damage quickly starts to drop off at longer ranges, making it more likely to overheat without being able to score a kill, limiting its capabilites past mid range.

Statistics Edit

Damage 25-12 x2
Range Start damage drop-off: 15 meters
End damage drop-off: 40 meters
Rate of Fire 130 BPM
600 RPM
Passive Cooldown 0.3 heat per second
Passive Cooldown Delay 1.5 seconds
Venting 1 seconds
Overheat 10 bursts, 20 shots (0.05 heat per shot)
Overheat Penalty 1 seconds

Trivia Edit

  • The Blurrg-1120 is named after a native species from the planet Ryloth, known as the Blurrg.

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