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Boba Fett
Boba Fetts
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Galactic Empire

Unit Details

Blaster Rifle

Secondary Weapon:



Wrist Rockets



Boba Fett is an infamous bounty hunter and a hero for the Galactic Empire. When Jango Fett accepted the offer to let the residents of Kamino clone him for their army, he asked for one of the clones to remain untouched, so he could raise it as a son. That the clone was named Boba Fett. After witnessing the death of his father to Mace Windu on Geonosis, Boba grows up to become a bounty hunter, just like his father was. He aids Darth Vader in the capture of Han Solo, and transports the carbon-frozen Solo to Jabba's Palace, where he gets his reward. He seems to meet his end at the sand dunes of Tatooine. To see what happens after this, go to the link at the gallery. In the game, Boba carries a gun very similar to the Elite Rifle, as well as a Flamethrower. With the addition of Detpacks, Boba Fett is a force to be reckoned with.

Trivia Edit

  • Boba Fett never uses the rifle he uses in the films.
  • In Star Wars Battlefront 2, Boba's primary weapon and flamethrower have the same model and icon, so the developers added a flame at the tip of the flame thrower icon.

Attacks Edit

Name Image Ammo
EE-3 Blaster Rifle EE-3 144 Shots
Flamethrower Beam Cannon 60 Shots
Type 12a Wrist Rockets B2-WW 5 Count
Detpacks D5a 4 Count




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