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The Slave I is an Imperial spaceship that can be piloted in DICE's Star Wars Battlefront and Star Wars Battlefront II. The trademark starship is known to be piloted by the bounty hunter Jango Fett and later his son, Boba Fett.

Star Wars Battlefront[]


This special spacecraft can only be piloted in the Fighter Squadron mode and in Battle Station. The starcraft is equipped with Ion Cannons, Proton Torpedoes, and a Sensor Jammer that can be activated to fly undetected on the mini-map and to avoid missile locks.

The player can pilot this vehicle if they collected the hero pickup as an Imperial. Despite its powerful weaponry, it can suffer from trouble locking when moving the ship up and down.

If the player is the Slave I, and spots the Millennium Falcon, they can fire upon the ship. Crashing into the Falcon will defeat the enemy player, but will not count towards the "Don't Get Cocky" trophy/achievement.

It is one of the four hero ships present in the game.


December 01, 2015 Update

  • Fixed a bug where the Slave I did not get a shorter replenish when picking up a vehicle pickup.

Star Wars Battlefront II[]

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Boba Fett's Slave I can be very cumbersome ship to handle. Its large vertical shape can lead to accidental collisions with objects, and the low laser cannon placement can make it difficult to land consistent hits on enemy star fighters. It is also a large target for enemy fighters as it sticks out compared to other villain ships. Nonetheless it can be capable of dealing massive damage, with the ability Seismic Charge being able to one hit most fighters, including the smaller hero ships. Its Ion Cannons can be used to boost the the damage that the Slave I can output, along with slowing the targets down so that they can be easier to hit.

Weapons and Abilities[]

  • Ion Cannons: Once the ability is activated, the Slave I's primary weapon damage will deal less damage, but slow down any enemy ships it hits (and temporarily disable its abilities). The ion cannons can be fired even if the main weapon is overheated.
  • Seismic Charges: Upon activation, a seismic charge will be launched from the back of the Slave I and create a massive explosion which will damage or kill any enemies near it.
  • Concussion Missiles: The Slave I will lock on to an enemy and fire a dual concussion missiles and also stun them.

Boost Cards[]

Boost Card Boba Fett Slave I - Advanced Concussion Missiles Boost Card Boba Fett Slave I - Engine Upgrade Boost Card Boba Fett Slave I - Marked Target Boost Card Boba Fett Slave I - Repair Systems Boost Card Boba Fett Slave I - No Escape
Advanced Concussion Missiles Engine Upgrade Marked Target Repair Systems No Escape
Boost Card Boba Fett Slave I - Tactical Jammer Boost Card Boba Fett Slave I - Reinforced Hull Boost Card Boba Fett Slave I - Relentless Pursuer Boost Card Boba Fett Slave I - Heavy Seismic Charge
Tactical Jammer Reinforced Hull Relentless Pursuer Heavy Seismic Charge