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The Bowcaster is a weapon particularly favored by Wookiees. It is a powerful, cross-bow like weapon which can fire several shots at once, or be charged to fire a single shot which usually affords the user a one-shot kill.


Star Wars Battlefront 1[edit | edit source]

A typical bowcaster holds a total of 210 shots, and can be put to use as a shotgun or a sniper rifle equally well. Firing the weapon uncharged will produce a line of around seven projectiles which can be devastating at close range and reasonably effective at engaging enemy infantry at a distance. Using charged shots, Stormtroopers, Shock Troopers, Engineers, and officers are 2 hit kills, while scouts and jump troopers are 1 hit kills. Uncharged shots 6 shot kill Stormtroopers, Engineers, and officers, Shock Troopers are 8 hit killed, and a bowcaster 4 hit kills Snipers and Dark Troopers.

Star Wars Battlefront 2[edit | edit source]

Instead of the bowcaster needing to be charged to spray more bolts, the bowcaster will automatically spray its maximum bolts without charging. It can be charged to fire a single, concentrated bolt, dealing a lot more damage. A skilled marksman will make good use of the charge feature on the weapon. This has the potential to deliver, as a regular sniper rifle would, a killing head-shot.

The weapon is also equipped with a telescopic sight, similar to that found on a sniper rifle in that it can zoom in twice to afford the user astonishing range. Combined with the accuracy of the weapon, which makes delivering a head-shot all the more likely, a skilled marksman will find that this weapon is almost essential for sniping, certainly as effective as, if not more, effective than a standard sniper rifle, in that its user can engage in close combat as well as having the capability to eliminate infantry from a considerable range, a valuable asset and devastating on the battlefield.

The weapon is also notable for having been used by the wookiee, Chewbacca.

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The Wookiee Bowcaster (sometimes called the Wookiee Crossbow) was a Wookiee short-range projectile weapon that fired a metal quarrel enveloped in energy. Bowcasters could load multiple quarrels to create a spread-fire effect, and were given further enhancing with close range effectiveness. Some Wookiees made their bowcasters out of Blaster Rifles.

A Bowcaster

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