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Braided is a head variation available for most female humans in DICE's Star Wars Battlefront. Each Braided variation can be purchased for 1,700 Credits starting at Rank 30, except for the Red-colored braid that is available for Human 7, which costs 2,200 Credits. They can be paired with the Rebel Soldier, X-Wing Pilot, and Rebel Officer body Appearances.


Braided is available for all female humans except Human 1. Additionally, Human 7 has two colors for her Braid: Brown and Red, the latter requiring 2,200 Credits to purchase.


  • This hairstyle mimics the hairstyle worn by Princess Leia in-game, which itself is based on Leia's hairstyle in The Empire Strikes Back.
  • This type of braid is known as a milkmaid braid, or crown braid. It also resembles a headband braid.


Death Star Update

  • Appearance: With the arrival of the Imperial Officers, the certification for Stormtroopers to remove their helmets in combat has been withdrawn.