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The Bulldog Rocket Launching Rifle (RLR) is a weapon favoured by the ranks of the IG-100 MagnaGuard. It is similar in shape to the standard CIS blaster used by infantry battle droids in Episodes I, II, and III, but fires not blaster bolts, but anti-infantry rockets.

The weapon could be locked on to targets but had a tendency to fall off said target. A typical example of the Bulldog RLR held around 30 "shots", and 6 of these rockets could be fired before needing to reload. The weapon fires rather quickly, being able to empty the entire magazine in around two seconds, but still fires slower than a blaster rifle, with each shot dealing high damage to infantry and moderate damage to hard targets. Available exclusively to the CIS, the weapon offered the player superiority against not only infantry, but also against structures, like turrets, and some lesser-armoured vehicles. These weapons, however, could not be utilised at close range due to splash damage. The greater reload time, small ammo capacity and the unreliability of the weapon at longer ranges meant that it required a more considerate playstyle compared to other weapons, but was devastating when used properly.

It is notable that when the 501st legion assaulted the separatist factory on Mustafar, (A playable level in the game), the player is confronted with Gizor Dellso, a Geonosian who is armed with a sonic blaster and with the Bulldog RLR.