This page is about all campaigns in all Star Wars Battlefront series. For the more specific campaign of DICE's Star Wars Battlefront II, see Campaign of Star Wars Battlefront II (DICE).
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Campaign mode is a game mode found in all Star Wars Battlefront games, with the exception of DICE's 2015 Star Wars Battlefront, that tells a story. Each level has certain objectives that must be obtained in order to win and move on to the next level. In the original game, the only objective is to either capture all command posts, or drop all enemy reinforcements down to zero. Below are synopses of each level in the campaign modes of either game.


Battlefront Historical CampaignEdit

Clone WarsEdit

  • Ch. 1: Naboo - Plains: The Battle Of Naboo (CIS)
  • Ch. 2: Naboo - Theed: Rebellion In Theed (CIS)
  • Ch. 3: Kashyyyk - Islands: Aggressive Negotiations (CIS)
  • Ch. 4: Geonosis: The Battle Of Geonosis (Republic)
  • Ch. 5: Kamino: Assault On Kamino (Republic)
  • Ch. 6: Rhen Var - Harbor: Mountaintop Defenses (Republic)
  • Ch. 7: Kashyyyk - Docks: The Battle Of Kashyyyk (Republic)

Galactic Civil WarEdit

  • Ch. 8: Tatooine - Dune Sea: Desert Extermination (Empire)
  • Ch. 9: Tatooine - Mos Eisley: Siege of Mos Eisley (Empire)
  • Ch. 10: Rhen Var - Citidal: Sabotage at Rhen Var (Empire)
  • Ch. 11: Yavin IV - Arena: Assault on Yavin 4 (Empire)
  • Ch. 12: Yavin IV - Temple: The Fall of Yavin 4 (Rebels)
  • Ch. 13: Hoth: The Battle of Hoth (Rebels)
  • Ch. 14: Bespin - Cloud City: Liberation of Cloud City (Rebels)
  • Ch. 15: Bespin - Platforms: Battle in the Clouds (Rebels)
  • Ch. 16: Endor: The Battle of Endor (Rebels)

Battlefront IIEdit

The Campaign mode of Battlefront II follows the story of the 501st Legion, some of the greatest clone infantry in the galaxy's history, as they go from eliminating the CIS to aiding Darth Vader in his attempts at crushing the Rebel Alliance. The 501st Journal details the campaign via cut scenes, narrated by a retired clone veteran. This is the only campaign in the original games where the player fights for the Empire rather than for the Rebellion.

Part 1: Missions (Republic)Edit

Part 2: Missions (Empire)Edit

Battlefront Renegade SquadronEdit

Renegade Squadron's campaign follows Renegade Squadron, a secret Rebel squadron that was formed by Col Serra, throughout the Galactic Civil War.

  • Ch. 1: Yavin IV- Evacuating Yavin IV
  • Ch. 2: Space Alderaan- Retrieving the Holocron
  • Ch. 3: Ord Mantell- Escaping Ord Mantell
  • Ch. 4: Space Kessel- Rescuing Commander Ackbar
  • Ch. 5: Tatooine- Rescuing Ackbar's Crew
  • Ch. 6: Boz Pity- Escaping Boz Pity
  • Ch. 7: Echo Base- Evacuating Echo Base
  • Ch. 8: Space Hoth- Evacuating Hoth
  • Ch. 9: Korriban- Retrieving the information on Endor
  • Ch. 10: Sullest- Distracting the Empire
  • Ch. 11: Endor- Aiding the Rebels

Battlefront Elite Squadron Edit

Elite Squadron's campaign follows a clone designated as X2, a clone trooper who is involved in multiple battles of the Clone Wars, before he joins the Rebellion in defeating the Empire and his brother, X1, who later intends to construct another Galactic Empire after the original is destroyed.

Ch. 1: The Clone Wars

  • Mission 1: Tatooine (Training)
  • Mission 2: Tatooine
  • Mission 3: Coruscant
  • Mission 4: Cato Neimoidia
  • Mission 5: Dantooine

Ch. 2: The Galactic Civil War

  • Mission 1: Death Star
  • Mission 2: Yavin IV
  • Mission 3: Hoth
  • Mission 4: Endor

Ch. 3: The Imperial Remnant

  • Mission 1: Bespin
  • Mission 2: Vjun
  • Mission 3: Mustafar

Star Wars Battlefront II (DICE)Edit

The campaign of DICE's Star Wars Battlefront II was developed by Motive Studios and follows the story of Imperial Commander Iden Versio and her team, Inferno Squad, as they fight for the future of the Galactic Empire. The campaign takes place between Return of the Jedi and The Force Awakens.

Main Story Edit

Resurrection Edit

Main article: Resurrection