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Due to this site being Battlefront Wiki, the only source is from the Battlefront Series and the Prima Official Game Guides. But the canon system are still intact due to how the series are released, main or spin-off series. The listings below are essential to formatting pages.

When formatting a page, the High Canon content are essentially needed first, unless the source comes from a Low Canon. When taking example of a weaponary or a class of a starship, the first information need to go from the source from the High Canon, due to thier position as the Main Series of Battlefront. When the main series contradict each other, the information is taken from the second on the listing of the High Canon: Star Wars: Battlefront II. Nonetheless, the original Battlefront needs to be in the article, but the sequal is required to be a primary source. This is because the later released date of the Battlefront II and having the information given from the Star Wars Canon that was not present during the making of the first Battlefront.

Star Wars Battlefront Canon VS. Star Wars Canon[]

Though majority of the Battlefront canon fits with their Star Wars counterparts, there is a few noticable difference, mostly due with game mechanics. First and foremost is the act of dead characters fading away. While no canon source can prove it, it seems to be the hallmark of the shooter game mechanics. Another is the command post that automatically change colors once a "friendly" is standing next to it for a period of time. And starship that has a specific role, due to gaming balance, even when majority of ships in Star Wars galaxy have multi-role. For more Game Mechanics, view this category.

High Canon[]

These type of Canon goes to the main series.

  • Star Wars: Battlefront II
  • Star Wars: Battlefront: Prima Official Game Guide
  • Star Wars: Battlefront II: Prima Official Game Guide

Low Canon[]

This category goes to Battlefront spin-off series

Non Canon[]

This goes to fan-released or future product speculation.

  • Battlefront Mods
  • Battlefront Mod Maps
  • Unreleased Battlefront Series
  • Game Console Downloadable Contents
  • Game Hacks
  • Fanon
    • Fan-Made Game
    • Fan-Made Series
    • Fan-Made Video Series
  • Glitches