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"Rebels and Imperials are fighting over precious cargo. Infiltrate the enemy base, steal their cargo, and bring it back to your base. Prevent the enemy from doing the same. The side that controls the most cargo at the end will win!"
— In-game description

Cargo is a game mode in DICE's Star Wars Battlefront that has two teams of six tying to steal each other's cargo whilst defending their own. It is very similar to the 2-Flag Capture the Flag mode in Pandemic's Star Wars: Battlefront II and, in general, capture the flag modes in many games.


"Bring the enemy cargo to your base. Defend your cargo from the enemy. The side with the most cargo in the end wins."
— Opening cutscene objectives

The Rebels and the Imperials are pit against each other as they try to steal the enemy team's cargo. In order to score a point, one team must infiltrate the opposing team's base, retrieve the cargo and return it to their own base while preventing the enemy from doing the same.

Both teams start with five cargo units. In order to win, one team must capture and hold more cargo boxes than the enemy team or capture all ten of them. If a player picks up an enemy cargo box but dies before they can bring it back to base, an ally can pick it up and continue carrying it while members of the enemy team can return it back to their base by interacting with it. One cannot use their Jump Pack while carrying the cargo as the cargo physically replaces the jump pack when one is carrying it. Players can still use all other abilities while carrying the cargo.

If a team manages to steal all enemy cargo boxes, that team will win instantly, otherwise, the match will continue until time runs out.

When the time limit is reached, the team that holds the most amount of cargo will be victorious, however, if a player is still carrying cargo when time runs out, the game will go into overtime until the cargo is returned to its respective team, or it is successfully delivered.

Rounds last 15 minutes on all maps except the Outer Rim DLC maps whose rounds last 10 minutes.


Cargo is playable on the following maps:

*Only in private matches

Announcer Quotes[]

"The stormtroopers have the cargo box."
— Rebel announcer upon Imperials scoring
"The Empire has captured the cargo box."
— Rebel announcer upon Imperials scoring


  • Every time a team successfully brings back a cargo unit to their base, a cargo unit is physically added to the team's base, reflecting the total amount of cargo units the team has. The same applies to if a team loses a cargo unit.
  • There is a reproducible bug that prevents one team from being able to pick up the other team's cargo, effectively preventing that team from winning if the other team steals at least one cargo.
  • This is the only game mode that can result in a tie (both teams having five cargo).