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Cato neimodia

Cato Neimodia was a map that was supposed to be featured in Star Wars: Battlefront III, but due to the game's cancelation, the map nor the game never made it to public. However, some mods like the SWBF3 Legacy mod will include this map, and thus all content will be from there.


Cato Neimodia is a city that rests high in the clouds. This map features many coutyards filled with architecthure and fountains. There are many walkways that are hidden behind buildings and objects. There is also a palace that can be entered and has many rooms, including a throne room. Inside the palace are many gold columns and red carpeted walkways with tile covering everything else. There is one large road surrounding the palace, and there are structures keeping the city in the air by acting as a rope that keeps the city hung by the mountains.


Since this map was supposed to be for SWBF3, the infantry and weapons have changed. Mostly the appearenace, as the units appear more realistic, and the 3rd person POV is changed. Their weapons have changed some, but remain the same for the most part.


  • In the SWBF3 trailer, there is supposed to be a space section that can be accessed from the spawn menu.
  • In the SWBF3 trailer, the environment is untextured or unfinished, looking very weird.
  • This is the planet where Plo Koon was shot down in the film.

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